You have to give it CNN. In merely a few years time they went from being a respected center-left media outlet to being Ted Turner’s full-blown progressive propaganda machine. Their response against anyone who utters the word fake news on air is met with extreme hostility. Just look at how Bernie Sanders was treated when he jokingly referred to CNN as fake news, he was cut off. On February 17th, a similar incident occurred, but no one was kidding this time around.

CNN host Don Lemon was hosting a segment criticizing the amount of money being spent on protecting the first family. While the other three guests all agreed with Lemon, conservative commentator Paris Dennard immediately called the story “fake news.” Triggered, Don Lemon then went on a tirade against Dennard’s accusations saying that they were completely unfounded and that no one he knew in the mainstream media was spreading material of the sort. Dennard shot him down by raising the obvious point that the President was not breaking any laws and before he could even finish, Lemon abruptly ended the segment and stormed off stage.

The insecurity that CNN has toward the term fake news is clearly evident. Ever since Trump branded them and Buzzfeed as fake news following the Pissgate fiasco, their prestige has been falling ever since. The elitist bubble that they have been residing in has transformed into a bullet-proof echo chamber where they have become deaf to the truth; that the news they are propagated is not news anymore, but click bait that is meant to splinter people further apart while also lining their pockets flush with cash.

There is an irony to all of this. CNN and the liberal establishment media coined the term “fake news” to discredit conservative news outlets which were primarily internet-based, and that is because they ultimately are afraid of them. Yet when the people started looking into their news, they realized that the actual fake news was happening was coming from them in the first place; the Pissgate scandal proved that point!

The days of CNN and their fake news are numbered unless they make an honest change.