Georgetown University has been in a firestorm of controversy lately over remarks made by Islamic Scholar Dr. Jonathan Brown. The title of his talk was aptly named Islam and The Problem of Slavery. During the Question and Answer section, Brown stated that Islamic slavery could not be compared to slavery that occurred during the slave trade because he asserted that Islamic slavery was relatively tame. It said that Americans could not comprehend slavery because the term is “too conceptual.”

Brown further expands his conceptual argument against female consent. By stating that the lives of a woman sold into sex slavery and a poor woman choosing to married a low-class baker are relatively not difference, Brown says that the woman slave “might as well have a much better life.” Brown lecture was uploaded on YouTube and have gained hundreds of downvotes since. His comments drew so much ire that pressure has been mounting for Brown to step down.

We can all agree that it is about time for this coastal liberal elitist to leave his position. Brown is a small part of the larger problem of the liberal establishment trying to fundamentally change America. Do they not realize by advocating for Islam will mean the end in Western Culture? It is what they purposely want and flaunt to the public. Brown is even a member of the Globalist Council on Foreign Relations, an organization which is likes of George Soros and David Rockefeller are heavily involved in.

That is why Brown’s indoctrination to students of his absurd ideas needs to come to halt. His biased perceptions to one side is enough to question if his values are aligned with a teacher willing to teach a balanced education. Not only are his ideas dangerous, but his logic his faulty. The extreme flexibility of moral relativism shows that he has nothing morally strong in his ideological foundation.