Why Betsy DeVos is an Excellent Pick For Secretary of Education

For the past eight years, Americans had to deal with the overreach of power by the Obama administration. From the micromanagement of teacher curriculums to the mandate about who can use the bathroom, the Democrat-controlled executive branch has overcomplicated America’s education, and the individuals who are hurt most by this are our students. That is why I am delighted to see Trump come through on another promise and truly improve the quality of education for our students by picking Betsy DeVos as our newest Secretary of Education

It is a shame for the past week that liberals and misguided people alike have been saying outright lies of DeVos. They say that she doesn’t know about education, but they do not realize that she has been volunteering for it for most of her life. Over the years DeVos and her husband have donated $140 million dollars to Education initiatives.

In addition, Devos went out of her way to make that disadvantaged children in Detroit had the opportunity to go to the best school possible, by choice. By helping implement charter schools in the city, Standford found that Detroit’s system is their ideal one to be modeled by other communities. From this, DeVos understands that a limited federal role in government is the only way to truly improve our education for our children. Under her leadership, the power to change policy will become a local solution instead of being the cause of national problems.

Betsy DeVos has the endorsement of over 20 governors and support from a newspaper that witnessed her success, The Detroit News, to become the next Secretary of Education. I will be looking forward to the same amount of winning in the years ahead.