It seems just like the Veterans of this nation have been on the backburner for President Obama. The Department of Veterans Affair fiasco already proves that point. So why would it surprise anyone that Obama’s promise to America to end veteran homeless fell way short of expectations?

The Obama administration announced a major push in 2010 to end homelessness among veterans by 2015. Obama organized a coalition of non-profit organizations¬†and spent millions of taxpayers dollars to achieve one of his Presidency’s central goals. The first lady also pitched in on the effort. According to the Associated Press, in 2014 first lady Michelle Obama begged mayors from around the country invest more in the government’s initiative.

Again and again, Obama has delusions of grandeur in the name of his own “legacy” and he falls short in every project he does. From the deductions going up from Obamacare to the terrible deal he made with Iran to what happened in Benghazi, he has let down the American people time and time again and then calls transgender bathrooms in schools a success.

Just remember folks, Obama’s top advisor said that his administration never had a scandal. I think we can all agree that Obama has failed veterans, just as he failed America.