Why Ivanka Should Be Every Girl’s Role Model

Ivanka is a woman that can hold her own against any Kardashian, super model, or liberal “sexually liberated” chick. She can hold her own against any business person in the world, she could have married any of the worlds richest men, and she would have been welcomed with open arms by any social circle, group or organization in the entire world. However, the Ivanka of today isn’t any kind of sellout like the role models of the left. She doesn’t talk about “all her bitches in the club” (looking at you Beyonce) or only has her real accomplishment by releasing a sex tape (sorry Kim).

1. She’s Loyal

She chose loyalty, to stay close to her family and learn and contribute to the family business. Married for true love even converting to her husbands religion of Judaism. She has stayed classy throughout the all ugly slings and arrows directed at her and her father in the centuries most nasty presidential campaign.

2. She’s tough

In case according to her wiki, she has extensive work experience as a model, socialite, TV personality, political influencer, as well as a businesswoman which she is famous for. She leads her father’s Trump Organization. A post which she earned, not inherited, when she became experienced enough for The Donald to hand the reins over to her.

3. She is classy and Professional

They just don’t make people of a higher quality. Not only is Ivanka one of the most decorated businesswomen and socialites to ever grace the Oval Office, she exudes class and hope for all white women in the American working class and below. She exemplifies the American dream.