Alt Right personality Milo Yiannopoulos has signed an official book deal with Simon and Schuster worth a reported $250,000.

Milo who is a leading symbol of the alt right movement (which is the namesake of AltRighteous News) will release his first book as the 2016 calendar year ticks down. Many fans of his college campus speeches as well has his articles on breitbart have already placed orders for the book available on amazon, here.


However, there have been massive protests and critical tweets on social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Milo, who was personally banned from Twitter back in mid 2016,

The publishing company which is specifically tailored to conservative nonfiction, has published books such as Donald Trump’s Crippled America, but a boycott of Simon & Schuster would likely hit hardest the authors from other, more diverse imprints not directly associated with this newest addition to their ranks, given that liberal boycotters were unlikely at any point to buy books from the right-leaning line anyway.

But a few other publishing companies are now unwillingly associated with Milo are deciding to choose to pressure Simon and Schuster instead, declaring they would rather sever their professional relationships with the company than be on the same payroll. Emmett Plant, a producer who worked on more than 20 “Star Trek” audiobooks, tweeted that he’d produced his last for them.

Simon and Schuster is owned by CBS Corporation.

Obviously we at AltRighteous are extremely excited to get our hands on Milo’s newest work and to the controversy the liberals have started, we wil prepare some popcorn…