Saudi Prince Calls Iranian President “unislamic” After President Wishes Christians a Merry Christmas

In an extremely ironic turn of events, a middle eastern Muslim regional power criticized another for wishing Christians a happy Christmas.

The Saudi official, speaking on national television in the desert kingdom, chastised Iranian meddling in Saudi foreign affairs and also quipped at Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for “bending to Western, Christian influence” due to his Christmas greetings address to Christians in Iran and abroad.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which only recognizes a strict brand of Islamic faith and practice, prohibits Christianity and its people from celebrating the holiday, but there are reports that underground conversions and celebrations of Christian tradition is growing in the kingdom. These acts, if discovered are punishable by death.

Iranian officials did not respond to the Saudi remark which aired on the kingdom’s semi-official news agency.

Saudi Arabia and Iran have been fighting a regional proxy war amongst one another for middle eastern supremacy in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. The Kingdom offers support for Sunni rebels in Syria and Iraq, while Iran backs President Bashar Al Assad and the elected Iraqi government in Baghdad.