It is a story that we see all too often but remains blind to the Eyes of the Mainstream Media; eighteen-year-old freshman student of Bryn Mawr Andi Moritz is the latest victim of the tirades of the intolerant left. In September, Moritz posted in her college’s ride share group inquiry about if anybody would join her to go to a Trump rally. The responses were given to her include “Why y’all doing this free labor for white supremacists tho,” “You want to go campaign for a man who has systematically oppressed entire ethnic/racial groups not to mention the LGBTQIA+ community and many others,” and more.

The harassment drove Moritz to call a suicide hotline. Two days after her post, she dropped out of Bryn Mawr for good. She stated that when she sought help from a campus counselor but received little support.

Once again, we are witnessing the hypocrisy of liberal dogma. Marginalized members of society are only celebrated by liberals if they unconditional accept their views as absolute truth. But one ounce of diversity in opinion and not only are you shunned by your peers, but you are harassed to the point of suicide. And they say the Alt-Right are the mean spirited ones… It’s time for Democrats and liberals to take a look in the mirror and see who the real bullies are. It is for their own sake. Otherwise, there may not be Democratic Party in the future.