Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest countries on earth and also one of the world’s most oppressive. While much of the world have given the women of their country the right to vote, Saudi Arabia has yet to pass a law allowing women to drive.

Malak Al Shehri was tired of the norms that her country bestowed on her. She was ready to challenge the status quo with a defying act that she knew would cause an intense uproar in Saudi Arabia. So she bravely stepped outside and took off her abaya and hijab, only leaving a black jacket, orange dress, and beige boots with her hair flowing freely in the wind. Al Shehri fearlessly posted a picture on Twitter with her newfound look and the consequences led to the religious police arresting her.

Many of the Saudis who reacted online wanted to see her bloodshed with treats saying that a beheading would be a light punishment and that they should feed her to the dogs. Al Shehri is now in jail and faces lashings in the near future, yet Obama’s administration stands silent as he bows yet again to the Saudi regime. This ridiculous punishment should be condemned but it has barely even been mentioned in the mainstream media. This is not the first time Obama has stood up for Saudi Arabia before. In September of 2016, he vetoed a bill allowing the 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for the attacks. Now, he is refusing to stand up for a woman who has now been deemed the Saudi Arabian Rosa Parks. I think we all now already how Obama will react when the Saudi Arabians rule on Al Shehri’s fate.