News about the show, Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, being distasteful to the ever tainted Adult Swim people began to appear on the internet after the network’s Youtube channel only posted one clip form one of their episodes. They claim that it’s creators associate with rhetoric too close to that of the alt-right movement. The only problem is that this show highlights the first amendment rights quite clearly in comparison to other shows.


No one ever has to do psychedelics when watching Million Dollar – they are already crazy as hell. These guys have a brand and approach to creating content they call anti-comedy, which may disturbing to some and stimulating for others. In now way do they ever mention Trump supporters, pepe, nor the elections. The show is a satire of the stagnant daily life of white Americans as they continue on a path of pure commitment to Capitalism and consumerism. There’s absolutely nothing wrong this. In fact, that interpretation itself might be wrong because the show causes everyone to view the show hundreds of different ways. You could even argue that their creative content and use of electro-trap-house hip hop style music is the gift from black people for these white men to use on their show.

Adult Swim has insulted the group of people involved with the making of this shows in all different ways that are harmful to free speech. First they claim that their treatment of women is too harsh, when they have never had a show produced by women.Then they claim that they promote “alt-right” content and humor only white supremacist might understand. And to make matters worse, Adult Swim’s senior director of programming Kim Manning confirmed via Reddit that everyone in Adult Swim swims all the way to the extreme left of politics. And here is where the crucial problems lie. It is really a matter of bipartisanship now even on big networks, but their point of view is too obscure to understand the massive change that is coming to America because they share the stagnant views of the liberal media. It is a matter of taste to rancid for either side to accept.   two empty slots available at the network — fingers crossed they give at least one of them to a woman for a change.