During a pre-season NFL game in the middle of the hot summer of this year, Kaepernick decided to sit down during the national anthem. The bewildering notes of the Star Spangled Banner flowed in the air like ribbons made of fire – the year of the Presidential election was now tilting towards the concluding months, and the entire nation ready to erupt. The last thing the country needed was another privileged fanatic of Islamic terrorists telling the American people how to think.

Right from the start as soon as he opened his mouth blaming America for the oppression that blacks face and the shootings, and Trump, etc. Not once did he ever apologize to the American flag. Instead he used his wealth from playing in the NFL as agency to gain leverage as an instigator of hate. Yet, everyone who knows American Football knows that his numbers have been dwindling for the past three seasons. Everyone knew that Kaepernick opening his mouth about politics translates as: “I am so confident for how fit I am and how talented I am that i will win the Superbowl” – that is, only a player like Manning or Brady can make political statements as they have won Superbowls and deserve the right to do so.


After the statements, players in the NFL were furious. Coaches, staff, and General Managers do not condone such rhetoric coming from a player who’s views of Islam and patriotism obstruct the unification of the game of Football. The task was simple. At each opportunity that Kaepernick is scheduled to be in the field, defensive strategists already would design perfect ways to topple his efforts for any inch of yard. So if Kaepernick is such a rebellious Che Guevara, the defense will make damn sure that he suffers out in the field.

Everyone in the NFL is out to terminate the career of Kaepernick and this past weekend against the Chicago Bears, the final nail in the coffin was final in place. Kapaernick set the NFL record for quarterback futility in loss to the Bears – he was sacked five times and threw fewer than five yards in the entire game. It was the lowest mark in the 49ers franchise history since 1963. And, they have taken Kaepernick out and he’s now benched.


Lesson here is, when it comes to openly expressing politics in the NFL, you must be ready to handle all the repercussions. Every single player in the NFL wants a piece of Kaepernick, and the Bears enjoyed feasting on him like wild hogs. Only successful players get to opine about sophisticated matters in Politics.