The Dakota Pipeline has been a mess this year as there isn’t enough militarized officials to help neutralize the situation. At standing Rock, the inane behavior of Liberals who are obstructing the pipeline has gotten American Veterans questioning their veracity to the American nation and what it stands for. And now, these same liberals have invited Cubans to Standing Rock and they are going to make their way over this week to help them defend a piece of land that is not Federally theirs in any way.

Now that Fidel Castro is finally gone, America has to worry about Cuban politics seeping into the already decaying condition of this country’s infrastructure all created by liberals during the Obama administration. Cuban doctors are supposed to arrive at Standing Rock sometime this week to help the protestors stay healthy. Cubans will most likely over stay their welcome and recreate a new way of acquiring more immigrants. These illegal socialists are arriving to spread their socialist agenda and things will escalate from there. The day Cubans arrive to America to spread the gospel of Socialism is the day that they will be declared terrorists. And when that happens, it will be America’s time to finally take over Cuba

The laws in this country made sure that Corporations were constructed to ensure that the nation will always be ahead of the curve when it came to modernization. Corporations are valued more than any worker because they execute the necessities to survive as a modern sovereign State. Cubans will only curtail the chances of a formidable capitalist nation who’s destiny is stepping forward for the rest of the world in the areas of technology and innovation.

The destiny of course, is that America will finally have the chance to take over Cuba, but first  the nation must make sure that they understand one simple thing. If these Cubans are coming this week to spread their gospel, than it’s time the rest of the country recognizes the true values that makes this great nation the best country in the world. Americans must stand up in solidarity against communism and finally democratize Cuba.

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