On December 1st, Australian Exchange student Kaia Delaney wrote an article in The Hill calling for stricter gun control measures in the United States. The current University of Richmond transplant states that being around billboards advertising “guns for sale” and being surrounded by people who open carry “doesn’t make her feel safe.” Delaney points to Australia’s gun buyback program as something Americans should look towards as an example of successful gun control…

Well, I have news for Kangaroo Kaia thinking she can lecture Americans how to use their guns. If you do not like our way of life here, you should just pack up your bags and head back to Australia and when someone robs you with a knife, you can remember how great Australia’s gun control laws are.

Yes, Australia has a knife problem; stabbings are on the rise and murders have increased 19% since the gun ban. The truth is that Americans are responsible gun users and even Bernie Sanders says that 99.9% of gun owners obey the law. Kangaroo Kaia to pick out a few incidents to demonize the whole as bad is just faulty journalism. Its clear that she ignored pretty basic facts, one being that gun massacres overwhelmingly happen in states with strict gun control laws.

A challenge Kangaroo Kaia to go to the real America and ask about what they think of gun buyback programs. I think we all already know the answer to that!