His job along with a thousand others has just been saved.

President-elect Donald Trump didn’t need to wait for January 20th to “Make America Great Again”.

In a statement released by Carrier, an Indianapolis-based HVAC manufacturing company, an agreement has been reached with the incoming Trump administration to keep more than a thousand good-paying jobs stateside. Frequently referenced by Trump during the campaign, Carrier had been planning to shut down its plants in Indiana and relocate them to Mexico in an attempt to cut labor costs. It is estimated that over two-thousand manufacturing jobs would have been lost in the transition.

While details are sparse on the exact nature¬†of the deal, it is believed that a combination of tax incentives and favorability in future government contracts played a key role in changing the minds of Carrier executives. United Technologies, Carrier’s parent company, owes a large portion of its revenue to military contracts, most notably the production of jet engines for the US Air Force and Navy’s new F-35 stealth fighter.

The agreement struck between Carrier and President-elect Trump has provided strongly-needed merit to his ability to follow through with his campaign promises expediently and capably. A much needed victory for the future president, as he continues to be embattled by numerous liberal media outlets with regards to his eclectic and anti-establishment cabinet nominations.

The full statement from Carrier can be read here.