To some, the decision to have surveillance on millions of immigrants is too Dracronian, but such a belief only perpetuates how America has an identity crisis. The Trump administrations has immigration reform on top of the list in the order of things to accomplish within the first 100 days in office. Various immigrant groups are already assembling and are openly supporting New York City Mayor De Blasio’s choice to defend Immigrant rights and for the good of the country, Trump must ensure these groups recognized in order to complete the work of Obama’s massive deportations one set and for all.

Trump has stated during the last Debate with Clinton that Obama “has moved millions of people out … millions of people have been moved out of this country.” This is a fact. Under Obama’s presidency, more than 2.5 million undocumented people have been deported. Trump has convinced Obama of his proceeding policies as is evident in the golden historical handshake during their White House meeting. It is believed that Trump will triple the amount by the end of his presidency. If he follows the list laid out by the FAIR organization – the deportations will not question Draconian laws. It is, after all, the right of the American country to complete the task.

Immigrants are already taking advantage in this great country’s laws and efficient ways of having an organized infrastructure beyond the levels people have though. In New York City a man who has been identified as hispanic, presumed to be undocumented in many circles, stole more $1.5 million under everyone’s nose. It’s as if this country is just giving money away to a group of people who are scavenging in plain sight. The American people must awaken to these sorts of practices and realize how simple it is for immigrants to do better than Americans in the use of crime and maneuvering of laws.

Hispanic Thief
Hispanic Thief

Around $650k inside the bucket full of gold that this hispanic stole allegedly belongs to a firm that works closely with Trump and his subsidiaries. This is more than theft, this was an underground group of Latino terrorists who planned the theft every step of the way. The hispanic man organized this heist with the security team of the armored truck – as surveillance shows, all he had to do was pretend he was an American citizen walking amongst other dwellers of NYC. His next step, was to take the bucket and head down to Florida where it normally gets transferred into other currencies around the world. This sort of thing happens everyday. Some investigators believe he was hired from El Salvador as a professional thief.

He didn't even know how heavy the bucket was going to be.
He didn’t even know how heavy the bucket was going to be.