On November 30th, Donald Trump selected Steve Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury, and I applaud Trump for his pick for several reasons. First of all, like Trump, Mnuchin is a political outsider and is not beholden to the political establishment that supports ‘business as usual’ in Washington.

Over the course of his career in finance, he has worked in several different industries from Wall Street to Hollywood and has attained considerable success. The Goldman Sachs veteran of two decades understands how the economy works and is the CEO of his own Hedge Fund, Dune Capital. Not to mention, Mnuchin has been a producer behind of Hollywood’s biggest hits including Avatar and Suicide Squad, showing that he is capable of leading monumental projects to become huge triumphs.

Furthermore, this pick confirms that Trump values loyalty above all us, showing us that Trump “selling out” is another lie peddled by the mainstream media. Mnuchin has been with the Trump campaign since April at a time when liberals and fake Republicans did not give Trump the light of day.┬áBy heading Trump’s fundraising efforts, Mnuchin helped raise millions of dollars for the campaign and lead Trump to victory. Not to mention, the Trump campaign spent half as much money as the Clinton campaign and still won, highlighting the fiscal responsibility we can look forward to during the Trump administration.