We at AltRighteous News believe that the new wave of news websites popping up around the country in the past 5 years is a positive advancement. This will help bring more power back to citizen journalists instead of the mainstream media.

If every citizen or group of citizens formed a press core and began reporting on news and politics, everyone could pick the correct and honest journalists to follow that suits them best.

Dispersing power from the Mainstream Media

The more independent news sites that arise around the country the less power the mainstream media will have. Independent journalists can report local as well as semi-national news through rational thought and exploration.


The election of 2016 taught us how bias and corrupt the mainstream media could be. Even the pundits and other individuals did not believe that Trump could or would win the election. On election night, the disbelief in most liberal pundits’ face was outright delicious.

Look at the downtrodden folk on CNN on election night:


It is clear these people are biased and have brought their personal opinions into the professional realm.

There is no better way to decentralize the Mainstream Media’s grip on information control than for individual citizens to begin reporting in through proper journalistic, scholarly mediums.

This is actually part of the main vision and mission at AltRighteous News. Our small group of staff who are friends in the real world want to bring more power to the people. Our first attempt is through this site. We hope to strive to bring you reliable and unbiased political news every day.

Please like our facebook page if that excites you. We will be publishing more and more news. We are also growing our staff every day. If you see our mission and want to write for us, do not hesitate to email! Send inquires to contact@altrighteo.us!!!