Philippine President Duterte says he wants to be friends with Trump

Duterte and Trump becoming friends in the international scene

Philippine President Duterte says that with Donald Trump’s Presidency, he can resume being a friendly nation to the American people. Duterte said that in Trump “I have a friend.”

Budding Friendship

The nationalist Pilipino President has said that he does not find Obama or his administration helpful or constructive so he was seeking help from the Chinese Navy to protect the island from US dominance and influence. This action has caused a massive rift between Obama and Duterte.


With the coming transition of power in the United States, Duterte says he will reset and recall his assumptions on US meddling in the internal affairs of the Philippines.


Trump has lauded the Pilipino head of states’ calls for diplomacy with his administration and has hinted that the Philippines debacle is another show of incompetence by sitting President Barack Obama.